Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our adventures in Chiropractic Care

This is going to be a multi-part post, as we progress through our treatment.

So, as  you know, Carson is a sick kid. He's had tons and tons of respiratory issues. We've spent more time than I care to remember at Chateau Children's (those sofa beds really suck!), and as the years have gone by, things have seemed to get worse, instead of better. Over the winter he was diagnosed as having Reactive Airway Disorder, and we started him on Singulair, an inhaler, added in steroids, nebulizer treatments, allergy meds, and the list went on and on. We finally pushed for some allergy testing, along with chest and sinus x rays.

We found out our kid is allergic to life. No joke. He is allergic to pollen, ragweed, pretty much every tree and grass. Weirdly, he tested allergic to peanuts and dairy, though he's not had issues with either as far as we know. The worst part? He tested hugely, crazily allergic to dogs and cats. Like, levels that are unheard of. We (had) a dog and a cat. He'd just gotten the kitten for Christmas. We immediately re-homed the animals, which definitely helped. We also got a new pet, Franklin the Fancy Mouse. (he is not allergic to mice). But, things still weren't great.

So, my friends at Omaha Area Natural Parents suggested we seek chiropractic care. I'd always wanted to, but our insurance doesn't cover it, and after a foreclosure and bankruptcy, I couldn't afford it. At a meeting with OANP and two local chiropractors, we were offered care, and we jumped on it.

Dr. Melissa Waszak from Aligned Health and Wellness is simply amazing. She has such a huge heart, and truly cares about her patients, and helping them get well. I'd love to shout from the rooftops about how much we love her!

Anyway, I really knew nothing about chiropractic care, and thought I'd write some pieces about what care is like. My idea of chiro care was what I saw on an episode of That 70's Show. I totally pictured necks being wrenched, and hearing things snap, crackle and pop!! Definitely not the case!

At our first visit, we were greeted by Sarah, Dr. W's assistant. She gave me some paperwork to fill out, and then was really great talking with Carson. There are toys in the waiting room, so he was well entertained. There is quite a bit of paperwork... questions about what is currently troubling you, along with past medical history.

When we were finished, we went into an exam room, and talked with Dr. Waszak. We discussed our issues, what treatment would be like, what to expect, and then we went into the x ray room. No x rays were taken of Carson, but I had x rays of my neck. Upon examining both of us, it was determined we both have sublexation of the neck. Basically? Are necks are all wonky, and not how they should be.

My treatment plan would involve 24 visits, the traction table (don't be scared, it's actually awesome), adjustments, and acupuncture, and Carson's involved 18 visits, adjustments and acupuncture. Our first week we went every day!

So, now you'll need to tune in for my next post, about the beginning of care, and all about Dr. Waszak!


Amy Kolbe said...

Glad you are finding something that works! I am a huge advocate for chiro care, I used to work in an office and my whole family still gets care now. It is a life saver through my pregnancies and newborn care.

Debbie Stanton said...

Dairy can certainly contribute to respiratory issues... especially if his system is already compromised. Glad you both will be feeling better soon.

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