Saturday, October 20, 2012

Carson's 4th birthday... Lorax style!!

This is the AWESOME cake that my bestie Jess made! If you are in need of a cake, cupcakes or more, check out Confetti Creations!

Here is the setup, complete with truffula trees!

Best party theme, ever!

The cake was lemon with raspberry, and the cupcakes were funfetti. 

Top of the cake. Aren't the truffula tufts awesome?

On pinterest, the jar that I saw was filled with orange jelly beans or M&Ms or something. But do you know how expensive that is? Eff that noise. I put a couple orange napkins and a leftover orange boa in there. Call me a cheap bastard, if you will. 

Mini truffula trees. I have a permanent dent in my thumb from shoving the straight pins in! The tablecloth was just 2.5 yards of Chevron fabric. I have a thing for Chevron. Just ask Brooke

I used tin cans to hold the utensils, straws and photo props. I found the Lorax ribbon on Etsy. 

8oz mason jars were the cups!

This Lorax party was based off of the movie. So, we have humming fish (goldfish crackers), brown barbaloot bears (chocolate teddy grahams), truffula seeds (sunflower seeds) and mini marshmallows, which the Once-ler fed the bears. 

Cups, and the juice behind. I printed out a Lorax face and cut it out to put on the juice jar. 

Each guest got to plant a spider plant, and that was the "goodie bag". Cost effective AND environmentally friendly!

The kids loved having their pictures taken by the truffula trees!

Birthday boy!!!

A made about the best face EVER!

My Dad!

Jessica and Ethan!

My Mom and Carson

A family of Loraxes! 


Brooke Van Gory said...

As much as I make fun about your lack of sewing skills, I must say, this has to be one of the most amazing events I have EVER seen put together.

Terra H. said...

Happy birthday to your boy! The decorations and cake are very nice. Looks like a lot of creativity and thought went into it.

Nicole said...

Megan, that is just amazing! You are so creative.

youngwifey said...

I love it! What an adorable birthday party and awesome cake!

Jen said...

Can you tell me how you made the trees?

Lauren Snellings said...

What a fun party!

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