Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Adventures in Wal Mart

So, I hate Wal Mart. I really do. But, one Target near us is being remodeled and is all torn up, and the other has no grocery section. Plus, Target is WAY more expensive. And, I really like going somewhere that I can get groceries and household goods all at once, ESPECIALLY now that I have a chunky monkey to take with me. One stop shopping is the way to go baby! So, anyway, even though I detest the place, it's where I shop. Most convenient, cheapest....but I still don't like it.

The Wal Mart right next to our house is gross. It's dirty, it's crowded, there have been several stabbings (late at night) and I just don't go there. So, I drove halfway across town to the least crowded, newer store. Yet, no matter what, there still seems to be a plethora of ignorance at Wal Marts. Why is it that no matter when you go, you always have to wait FOREVER to check out? Not only that, but people seem to have no common shopping etiquette. So, I have written a letter to the shoppers and employees of Wal Mart. I don't expect much to change, but it sure makes me feel better:

Dear Wal Mart Shoppers and Employees,

Shoppers, it is NOT appropriate to stop your car directly in front of the doors in the parking lot and load and/or unload your car of people or groceries. Seriously? What makes you think this is ok? Apparently you haven't noticed the ENTIRE parking lot, half the size of Disneyland that is FULL of PARKING SPOTS. These spots are designed for you to pull in, and load and unload. I'm sorry if you are too lazy to walk, but stop holding up traffic in the parking lot, and get OUT OF THE WAY! Oh, and when you DO stop there, don't give me a dirty look when I honk at you, as you are the one being rude.

On another parking lot related topic, if you are not pregnant, or do not have an infant, stop parking in the reserved spots for pregnant and new Moms. Yes, I see you pulling into the reserved spot in your shiny new Lexus that is infant seat free, and hop nimbly out, because you don't have a pregnant belly. You are rude. There are people out there who are hugely pregnant, have swollen limbs and are uncomfortable who need to park close. There are also Moms (or Dads) with new babies who have to be bundled up against the cold. Who also have a purse, a diaper bag, and infant seat and a stroller to lug out of the car and drag inside. Being close is helpful. You taking this spot because you are rude and lazy is irritating. Again, when I honk at you, don't give me a dirty look.

Attention Wal Mart shoppers! When you are perusing the aisles, it is NOT ok to stop your cart right smack in the middle of the aisle, and abandon it while you are looking at the shelves. This is rude. Especially when three of you all do it in one aisle. Then other people like me, have to stand and wait for you to move your cart, just to get through the aisle, to buy a can of refriend beans. It really makes me want to run over your toes with my cart. Please get some manners and think of others. 

Attention Wal Mart employees! This is along the same lines as the paragraph above, but instead of leaving your cart wherever you please, you are leaving a huge palette of whatever you are unloading right in the middle of the aisle. I fully understand this stuff needs to be stocked, but could you at least pretend that you care if you are in shoppers way? Maybe there is a better time to do it than late afternoon the day before Thanksgiving?? Just a thought.

To the Wal Mart check out person: Why is it that you feel that only two or three items should go in each bag?? Just so you are aware, the bags will hold substantially more than a box of kleenext, two sponges and a head of lettuce. When you are only bagging three things in a bag, it means I have to lug 117 bags to my car, along with my baby, stroller, purse and diaper bag. Not so convenient. Also, why is it that you want to have a conversation about every item that I purchase? I'm all for polite small talk, but do you REALLY want to discuss my choice of feminie hygiene products? I know I don't. Stick to the weather. Or holidays.

Shoppers and employees: For the shoppers--you know how the Express Self Check Out says 25 items or less? It's not an optional thing! These lines were designed for people like me who only need to buy a bag of sweet potatoes, some pacifiers and baby nose drops. That's 3 items. Much less than 25. And since I have a baby in a stroller who is starting to wake up, I would appreciate you NOT bringing your THREE carts to the fast self check out and proceeding to take 45 minutes to check out. It also hampers the process when you try to check out with alcohol, cigarettes and electronics. A Wal Mart employee has to see all of these purchases, so don't be a jerk and get in the self check out. On the same note, Employees: when you see a shopper do exactly what I listed above, please step up to the plate and ask said shopper to move it to a regular line. It is really putting a damper on others shopping experience. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I know that we can work together to make the wal mart shopping experience slightly less sucky!


table for two said...

Amen! I am in total agreement! Although I have to admit that I do sometimes abandon my cart in the middle of the aisle but only if no one else is there! If I see someone turn in to the aisle I go immediately back to my cart! :)

Annie said...

You are SO right!!

Kameron said...

Ha! I hate Walmart too! I feel like every timeI go in there it smells like vomit. I saw wet floor signs so I actually though someone had thrown up and it was just cleaned up, but then I went to a different one and it smelled the same, although to a lesser extent. I feel you on every point you made! Amen sister!

Lynette said...

LMAO. I also hate Walmart (unless I am out of state - where they seem to have an unusually clean one with freakishly friendly staff). I call the one closest to my house "The Walmart of Death" due to their trifecta of danger -hold-ups, robberies and stabbing, oh my!
I totally could have wrote this post.

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